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Two Older Men Continuously Falling Up An Escalator Is The Epitome Of Monday

The struggle is REAL.

On Sept. 25, 2015, YouTube user YsyYsy uploaded a video of a two older gentlemen having quite a difficult time walking up a down escalator.

According to Polish news site naTemat, a mega-mall called Sukcesja in the city of Lodz gave away free food as part of their opening festivities.

Since the line for free stuff was immense, a few inconsiderate souls decided to travel up a completely empty down escalator to skip the queue. For two of the line jumpers, however, the escalator paid them karmic retribution in the form of a super-embarrassing moment.

Since these two older folks' "race for burgers" -- as the video is titled -- was uploaded to YouTube, it's amassed over 900,000 views. You have to admit, even though these two people paid the price for not waiting their turn, you still may find yourself rooting for them, just like the rest of the crowd.

Watch the full video below.

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