Walt Disney / Gena-mour Barrett / BuzzFeed

An Artist Photoshopped Disney Movie Posters Into A Badass Feminist Statement

♫ A whole new world (of equality)♫

Most animated Disney movies have a tendency to reinforce stereotypical gender roles -- but what if these stories were turned into lessons on consent, the patriarchy and equal rights for women?

Gena-mour Barrett of BuzzFeed imagined what posters for more feminist versions of classic Disney films would look like and they really shine a new light on the original movies.

In "Sleeping Beauty" for instance, Aurora doesn't get to choose who she ends up with or kisses ... you know ... since she's asleep. Thus, Barrett imagines a plot where Aurora responds to that idea: "At the touch of his lips, Aurora awoke suddenly. 'Hello! I said, ‘I’M SLEEPING!'" Turns out sleeping doesn’t equate to consent, Prince Phillip.

Barrett also takes "Hercules," a Greek fairy tale about the son of Zeus, adding a truthful spin to the kind of ideas it conveys about masculinity and what being a hero really means, renaming the movie "Male Ego."

Head on over to BuzzFeed for the full set of funny-yet-true posters (some including colorful language, JSYK) that'll make you think.

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