Lorne Thomson / Redferns

17 Times Halsey's Tweets Resonated With Your Soul

Halsey tweets all of our feels.

MTV's Artist To Watch is also one to follow -- on Twitter, that is.

When Halsey isn't slaying the stage, performing songs like her current single "New Americana," from her latest release Badlands, she is gracing the interweb laying down some truth bombs and sharing insightful thoughts that we can all relate to and love to read.


From gushing over One Direction to shouting out unfair girl struggles, Halsey just gets it. See for yourself:

  1. Halsey suffers from Bieber fever...
  2. and One Direction Infection.
  3. She knows how it feels to be Zayn AF
  4. but she's also a Liam lover.
  5. Breakfast is everything.
  6. Cereal is bae.
  7. And donuts are delish.
  8. She also wonders when the iOS update will give us what we really need...
  9. She recognizes one of the true perks of growing up.
  10. Everyone can agree with her stance on beds.
  11. She has accurate responses to insane happenings
  12. and knows the pain of being indecisive.
  13. Connecting with Drake's songs is v important
  14. as well as Blink-182.
  15. She also totally gets the alt-pop music scene.
  16. She wants to avoid post-word vomit face palm moments, just like us.
  17. And she isn't afraid to own up to her clumsy moments.