The Rock And His Puppies Are Showing Us What Friendship Really Means


The last time we saw Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, he was aggressively warming our cold, dead hearts with the killer cute pics of the baby French bulldogs he'd just straight-up saved from drowning.

But because friendship is a two-way street, it turns out that The Rock's puppies are saving him, too! In their own way. Their tiny, lumpy, adorably useless way.

Here's how it works: Johnson rescues teensy pups Brutus and Hobbs from drowning in the deep end of his pool, and then stays up all night attending to Brutus's ensuing, ahem, intestinal troubles (chlorine is hard to digest, y'all.)

And then Brutus and Hobbs, like true friends, rescue Johnson from his slavish, workaholic ways, reminding him that there's more to life than making awesome movies and lifting ginormous amounts of weight. Because sometimes, dude, you've just gotta stop and smell the roses play some grab-ass.

Or do some French kissing. (To the Rock's horror. But, like... isn't every kiss from a French bulldog a French kiss? By definition?)

At the start, bb Brutus was obviously spearheading the efforts to keep his dad from taking all this dumb human responsibility stuff too seriously:

But now, Hobbs is taking up the charge, too. Keeping a schedule? Getting things done? Nuh-uh. Not on these pups' watch.

The Rock doesn't realize it, but they're totally doing this for him. What good dogs.