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This Might Be Drake's Harshest Meek Mill Dig Yet

He did another one, he did another one.

Drake's jabs at Meek Mill have taken many forms.

They've come as songs, like "Back to Back" and "Charged Up." They've come as memes, which he repurposed behind him onstage while performing those songs at OVO Fest. They've come in interviews, like when he told The Fader, "I didn’t get how there was no strategy on the opposite end."

His latest shot, though, even given all of that, feels particularly harsh.

While performing at the Landmark Festival in Washington D.C., over the weekend, Aubrey heard fans loudly chanting "F--k Meek Mill!"

His response, delivered with a mix of nonchalance and self-assuredness, gave the crowd exactly what they wanted. "Don't worry," he said with the relaxed wave of his arm. "He's dead already."


There's something about the way he delivered the dig, and brushed it off with such ease, that gives it extra weight and potency.

And it didn't hurt that, right after, he launched into "Back to Back."