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Somebody Found A Never-Released 'South Park' Game In Their Xbox

But can you kill Kenny in it?

"South Park" has long been a household name after 19 years on the air, a critically acclaimed movie, and six different video games with a new one on the way. But one planned video game almost never saw the light of day -- until now.

Back in August 2014, a YouTube user known as Wafflefoot discovered a broken, incomplete version of an officially licensed "South Park" game in an Xbox developer kit. It's believed that the game was in development at Buzz Monkey Studios circa 2005, and was intended to be an open world-style in the same vein as "Grand Theft Auto" or "The Simpsons Hit & Run."

Wafflefoot posted the above cut scene back when they first discovered the game, but nobody ever saw any of the gameplay until the Xbox was sold to the guys at Happy Console Gamer, a video game review show on YouTube. Yesterday (September 27) they released never-before-seen video from the game itself, including a vehicle test mission, a combat system, more cutscenes, and all the menus and mini-games that were supposed to end up in the final product.

Why the game was scrapped so early into development remains a mystery, but it's worth pointing out that Trey Parker and Matt Stone initially were not involved in the creation of "South Park" video games apart from providing voice acting. In 2010 they formed their own South Park Digital Studios to be more involved with game production, which eventually led to the success of their most recent RPG, "South Park: Stick of Truth." Another sequel to that game, "South Park: The Fractured But Whole" was announced at E3 in June and will parody superhero team-up movies.

MTV News has reached out to Zynga, the company that bought Buzz Monkey Studios in 2012, for more information. One of the former employees who worked on the game has declined to comment.