14 Times Sandy Cohen Taught Us All How To Dad

Seth and Ryan are gonna be the best ~dads~ ever IRL thanks to these 'O.C.' dad-isms.

Whip out the chardonnay and bagels because it's an "O.C." celebration!

Not only did Adam Brody a.k.a Seth Cohen just welcome his little one into the world with wife Leighton Meester, but Ben McKenzie a.k.a. Ryan Atwood is also now expecting his own bundle of joy with "Gotham" co-star Morena Baccharin!

Putting aside that tinge of jeals (because c'mon), we just know these two are going to be rockin' this whole dad thing because they got to take notes from the daddest dad of 'em all, Sandy Cohen.

See, Sandy was the kinda guy who'd take in a troubled teen in need and call him son and guide his biological offspring into fast-talking awesomeness so that together they could become a pair of unstoppable Captain Oats-and-Chrismukkah lovin' gents.

In fact, he pretty much laid out the whole game for them, one bit of real talk at a time. Here's what we hope they learned.

  1. At some point you've got to adult and address your probs head on.

    Being a dad means RESPONSIBILITY, man. Take a deep breath and go.

  2. It's important to keep track of the lingo.

    It might make you look a *little* silly sometimes, but at least you'll speak their language.

  3. When in doubt, offer some food.

    Bagels are exactly the kind of carbed up goodness that can cure a bad day.

  4. Don't forget to keep it playful with mom.

    Your kids might get a touch embarrassed, but that's your boo.

  5. And be super sweet to her too.

    She deserves flowers. End of story.

  6. Admit when you are wrong.

    To err is human, after all.

  7. Make sure the kids get some sunlight once in a while.

    Video games are sweet, but so is Vitamin D.

  8. "The Talk" is a thing that has to happen, so just TRY to dial down the awkkkkk.

    Sandy might've taken it one step too far with his sex talk, but he his heart was in the right place.

  9. And be encouraging of your kid's romantic prospects.

    ... but maybe don't say this line.

  10. Family dinners are super important.

    A sure way to get everyone together and TALK.

  11. Be there. With open ears.

    Sometimes you gotta just be there to listen.

  12. Humor is essential to surviving the terrible teens (for you AND the kid).

    As they say, laughter is the best medicine.

  13. Make sure s/he always has an eye on the bigger picture.

    GOALS. Always remind them to have goals.

  14. It's definitely OK to be emotional sometimes.

    The whole "life is not fair" mantra is kinda played out, so maybe just let 'em feel it instead.