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11 Times The Teens Were The Best Part of 'Gotham'

Who needs Batman when you have bomb-making, book-loving teen billionaire Bruce Wayne?

When the "Gotham" TV series was first announced as a pre-Batman story featuring many of the most famous DC comics heroes and villains as teenagers, the ageist backlash was near-instantaneous. Who wants to watch a TV show about teenage Bruce Wayne? Um, me!

With a full season now out in the world and a second just started, I'm still on board with the show's teen-centric subplots, led by IRL teens David Mazouz and Camren Bicondova -- aka this adorkable, talented duo...

They are two of the chief reasons why this show's teenage population is so darn compelling. Need some examples? Here are 11 times the teen characters were the best part of "Gotham."

  1. Those times Bruce didn't care he was a teenage billionaire.

    Guys, this show is FULL of serious characters, but Bruce manages to out-serious all of them — and it's kind of awesome. He does not care that he is a teenage billionaire who could be eating macaroons for every meal. He is going to save Gotham. Only then will he do some Algebra homework.

  2. Those times Selina was morally-conflicted, yet resolute.

    Um, have you met this teenaged badass? Amongst a sea of characters single-mindedly set on their hero or villain path, she is still trying to decide what she wants to be. Who can't relate to that?

    Selina is drawn to the villains because the system that the heroes are trying to save has failed her. That being said, she isn't a bad person. She does what she thinks she has to do. There's a difference. More Selina, please.

  3. Those times Ivy was 100 percent over anything the adults had to say.

    Did you say something?

  4. That time Bruce and Selina danced together.

    And everyone coo-ed about how adorable they were, but they were secretly staging a Wayne Enterprises high-security break-in.

  5. Those times Bruce gave advice to people twice his age.

    Like your grandfather, Bruce has never met a morally-complex situation he doesn't have an aphorism for.

  6. The time Selina killed someone so Bruce wouldn't have to.

    We're not advocating murder here or anything, but the moment when Selina killed Reggie so Bruce wouldn't have to was super compelling. We mentioned that Selina isn't bad, per se, but that she does what she has to do in order to protect herself and the people she cares about. This includes saving Bruce from having to do something terrible.

  7. The time Jerome admitted to killing his mother.

    Jerome, played by the talented Cameron Monaghan ("Shameless"), was one of the most-talked-about characters to come out of "Gotham" season 1. As a maybe-proto-Joker, he manages to walk that fine line between parody and originality, alluding to Joker performances of the past, while making the character completely his own. Jerome might not be the Joker, but that reveal wouldn't make his "Gotham" performance thus far any less memorable.

  8. Those time Bruce trusted books more than anything else.

    Kid has trust issues, but they do not apply to books. Including books about making bombs.

  9. That time Selina and Ivy were BFFs.

    And inexplicably moved into Barbara's AMAZING apartment... Weird subplot. Great subplot.

  10. The time Bruce didn't let bomb-making interrupt his afternoon tea routine.

    Tea is full of antioxidants, you know.

  11. That time Bruce and Selina kissed.

    This show has a lot going for it, but it is somewhat lacking in the compelling romance department. (Sorry, Jim and Leslie!) Though they may be young, Bruce and Selina's burgeoning romance is the best romantic dynamic on this TV show. For now, they're mostly friends — or, more accurately, frenemies — but we can't wait to see these two spend more time together or, you know, just on our "Gotham" screens in general.

In the mean time...

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