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A Politician From Drake's Hometown Is Seriously Trolling Meek Mill

Norm Kelly is at it again.

Drake's city has his back. And one of his city's City Councilmen has his back, too.

On Thursday, Norm Kelly fired off a tweet directed at Meek Mill, posting a screenshot of the recently released Forbes Hip-Hop Cash Kings 2015 list, which featured Drake at No. 3 but no sign of Meek within its top 20. "Where ya at, @MeekMill?" the 74-year-old politician wrote.

If this is seems ridiculous -- well, it is. But it's also nothing new for Norm, actually. He's been taking jabs at Meek (and cozying up to Drake) ever since the Philly rapper's feud with the pride of Canada began to take shape over the summer.