Should Jenelle Have Stayed At The 'Teen Mom 2' Reunion?

The mother of two left the stage not once, but twice.

As the "Teen Mom 2" cast members know all too well, reunion shows can bring up a lot of emotion -- and during Part 1 of the special, Jenelle became so overwhelmed rehashing previous events that she left the stage not once, but twice. But should the mother of two tried to work through the no-doubt difficult situations with her loved ones and Dr. Drew?

Let's rehash each scenario. First, a solo and tearful Jenelle relived everything that unfolded throughout the season with Kaiser's father Nathan -- specifically, their unhealthy habit of breaking up and reconciling. The biggest source of her pain: Nathan bringing around his new love interest while picking up his son. But when Dr. Drew invited Nathan to join the mother of his child on the set, he was visibly irritated and didn't want to sit near Jenelle on the couch.

"You play the victim card," Nathan stated. That was all it took to upset Jenelle: She promptly stood up, declared she didn't want to film and made a beeline for the exit.

Backstage, the distraught 23-year-old explained to a producer that her ex had been acting this way for days -- while Nathan told Dr. Drew that she "threw him under the bus" and there are "two sides to every story." Eventually, Nathan was asked by the same producer to have a conversation with Jenelle (not in the spotlight) to try to get her return to the segment. He was successful -- and the duo came back to speak with Dr. Drew.

While the addiction specialist tried to help the parents work through their relationship issues, the situation only worsened for Jenelle when her mother Barbara joined the conversation. The point of contention? Custody of Jenelle's firstborn Jace.

"If my mother ever took a child off of me, I would have done everything in my power to get that kid back," Babs insisted during a heated moment. When Jenelle exclaimed that was exactly what she was doing -- trying to regain her son legally -- B retaliated that she was doing it "six years later."

Even though Dr. Drew tried to intervene and warned Barbara that it wasn't fair to make such statements, the damage was done -- and Jenelle insisted she was "done" for the second time. And with that, the installment ended with a clearly distraught Jenelle walking away from the cameras -- while expressing her deep hurt about the statements made by her mother.

But should Jenelle have worked through the pain in order to reach some closure? Dr. Drew has known Jenelle for many years and could have offered unprecedented guidance and given her the necessary tools to cope with those closest to her. But on the flip side, Jenelle was clearly agitated and felt deeply distressed -- and removing herself from the situation may have prevented more harmful remarks from being hurled.

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