Listen To Sam Smith's Bond Song 'Writing's On The Wall' In All Its Epicness

The 'Spectre' track has landed.

It's here!

The long-awaited "Spectre" theme song has arrived with old-school class. Sam Smith takes on the new James Bond tune, letting his voice soar over an old Hollywood orchestra in "Writing's On The Wall."

The track was co-produced with Grammy-winning producer Jimmy Napes. Smith collaborators Disclosure ("Omen," "Latch") added their special "electronic touch," although it's a little hard to hear under the strings.

After months and months of speculation over who would sing the song (and even a denial from Smith), he announced on Sept. 8 that he'd be carrying on the Bond song legacy. "This is one of the highlights of my career," Smith wrote.

"Spectre" is out Nov. 6.