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Andrew Garfield Makes Life's Hardest Pop Culture Choices In Our Game Of 'This Or That?'

The '99 Homes' star gets real on NSYNC, James Bond and more.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

In his new, critically acclaimed movie "99 Homes," Andrew Garfield has to make a whole lot of difficult choices... like whether or not to work for the morally corrupt businessman Rick Carver (Michael Shannon) in order to financially save his family, for example, and whether or not to allow his blue collar soul to be corroded by an evil system.

The choices that MTV News forced Garfield to make when he stopped by our studio to promote the film were nowhere near this serious, but still -- the actor truly committed to his role of "guy who has to choose between the Spice Girls and NSYNC":

(Nice Emma Stone reference, btw).

"99 Homes" hits theaters in limited release on Sept. 25, and nationwide on Oct. 9.