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Listen To Ed Sheeran's Last Song Until His Third Album, 'Lay It All On Me'

Ed teams up with Rudimental for what could be their next big hit.

Ed Sheeran broke our hearts a little when he said he wasn't going to be releasing new music for a while, but because he's such an awesome guy, he made sure his last release was a hit.

Thank you, Ed.

The singer just dropped his collaboration with British electronic group Rudimental, entitled "Lay It All On Me,". The easy-listening EDM track is super catchy and perfectly blends Ed's vocals and lyrics with a pulsating beat that you can easily dance to.

"If you're scared when you're out on your own just remember me/ 'cause I won't let you go it alone/ Lay it all on me/ No you don't have to keep it under lock and key because I will never let you down/ And if you can't escape all your uncertainties/ Baby, I can show you how," Ed sings on the tune, which will be featured on the group's upcoming sophomore album, We the Generation, out October 2.

"It was an idea that we had a while before we toured with Ed. We played it for him on the tour bus and he loved it and we came back and finished it together in London," Rudimental told BBC Radio. "We've been through a lot of ups and downs the last few years of touring and saying goodbye to family and missing home, so it's a song about sticking together and brotherhood."

This isn't the first time Ed has hooked up with Piers Agget, Amir Amor, Kesi Dryden and DJ Locksmith -- they helped remix his track "Bloodstream" and opened up for him on his Multiply Tour.

For those Sheerios who may have thought Ed was bluffing about the whole "this is the last song I'm releasing until my third album" thing, he reiterated yet again that he's taking a well-deserved break, and even joked about going into catering... at least, we think he's kidding.