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Drake Was Reimagined As An Ordinary College Student

Welcome to Drake University.

The college experience can be pretty awesome. You get to kick it with friends, have fun learning in some classes and get your fill of school spirit.

But it can also be pretty stressful. I mean, those long nights studying are a drag. You might have to work a job you don’t like to help pay for books and, well, we haven’t even mentioned those dreaded class presentations.

One person who doesn't have to deal with all that collegiate commotion is Drake. He’s one of the biggest rap stars on the planet who’s released two of the most significant projects of the year, so school's not really on his radar (unless you count schoolin' Meek Mill -- OHHH).

But what if Drizzy went to school with you and lived a normal college life? That’s what one brilliant Instagram account, @uoftdrizzy, has imagined. And the results are hilarious. Check ‘em out: