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This Baby Is So Obsessed With Joe Jonas' New Band — Watch

The kid just wants to D(A)NCE.

Joe Jonas' new band may be just a few weeks old, but already DNCE has earned at least one pint-sized superfan whose toddler-y chill can only be restored with the soothing sounds of "Cake By the Ocean."

As this Instagram video shows, this kiddo was having a tantrum for the ages in his car seat -- the terrible twos struggle is REAL, guys -- until that beachy beat suddenly dropped, and then it was all smiles and no more wail-flails.

"Works every time."

That officially lands DNCE on the shortlist of musicians whose tunes have actual magical powers over the most inconsolable wee ones.

Of course, DNCE's "Cake" has a less than kid-friendly hidden meaning, but this tot won't know about that for at least another dozen years, so it's cool.