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This Mom Had A Coffee-Inspired Comeback For Her Fat-Shamers

What a classy move.

No matter how different we all can react when insulted, the one thing we all have in common is that it never feels good.

When two women called Dianne Hoffmeyer a "whale" in front of her two children, it probably hurt as much as it would for any of us. But when the Tim Horton's coffee shop customers wouldn't stop fat-shaming her, she didn't say she was upset or that she had already lost 177 pounds. Instead, she took the opportunity to show them what being the better person was all about.

Through tears she told the cashier that she would be paying for her haters' coffee, not to teach them a lesson necessarily, but to teach her kids about kindness. However, her message resonated far beyond her family when she posted about the experience on Facebook. It has since gone viral.

“My 2-year-old daughter is a mini-me and she mimics everything I do,” Hoffmeyer told The Times Herald. “I wanted to do the right thing so when she’s old enough she’ll know the right thing to do.” And because of her we all have a better idea of what to do in that kind of situation too.

Mean girls are real and they exist at all ages, but we all have the option of not stooping to their level. Thank you for reminding us of this and sharing your story, Dianne! Next time coffee is on us.

H/T ABC News