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How Does A Video Game Become A Spike Lee Joint? Now We Know

You can star in a Spike Lee Joint.

I've been playing the yearly version of "NBA2K" for almost a decade, and while the gameplay is great, one of the things I've grown to love is the other ways in which you can get lost in the game. From the franchise mode, where you are the puppet-master for an entire organization, to getting a chance to build your own player, there are tons of options.

So I usually know what to expect from the game, but when I saw a trailer for "NBA 2K16 Presents: Livin’ Da Dream, A Spike Lee Joint," I was surprised. Awed, actually. What was this thing? It was a version of MyCareer -- where you bring a guy through years of his career, from being a newbie to a veteran in the League -- but this was something different. It felt like a movie trailer.

That made sense, though, given who was involved. It was, after all, "A Spike Lee Joint." That means the man who directed, wrote and produced films like "Do The Right Thing," "She's Gotta Have It," "Malcolm X," "He Got Game," "25th Hour," "Inside Man" and many more was lending his touch to a video game.

But what did it mean for a video game to be a Spike Lee Joint, and what was it like to create?

"The biggest challenge is that '2K' is shot in motion control, which means that actors aren't wearing costumes -- they're wearing a suit," Spike told MTV News at the release party for the game earlier this week. "There's no background. All the stuff is put in post-production, so they try to visualize the way it's gonna look."

Even though he had never worked with stop-motion before, he didn't have much time to prep. But that was OK.

"I'm a fast learner," he said. "We had like a week of rehearsal, then we had to hit it. But before we did that, I went out there to the studio for a couple of days, messed around with the cameras, and tried to get acclimated to it. But it was a very, very short learning curve. It's for the actors, too."

If you want the chance to live inside a Spike Lee Joint, you can check out "NBA 2K16" when it hits stores on Friday.