Hester High's Brat Pack: We're Pairing Up The Teens Of 'Faking It' And 'The Breakfast Club'

Sometimes, detention brings out the best in you.

Here's the scene: A suburban high school, a Saturday detention, a politically polarizing principal, some student hijinks and a great escape. We could be describing John Hughes' classic film "The Breakfast Club," but we're actually talking about the latest episode of "Faking It."

This week, a variety pack of infractions landed our favorite Hester High pals in the big time-out. Collective isolation couldn't have hit 'em at a more inconvenient time: Step-sisters Lauren and Amy are going through a familial crisis, Shane's destructive outings have him on the outs, Liam and Karma just broke it off (under the influence of a secret cash payout from his techie father), and newcomer Felix has been playing his dad's Principal status close to the vest. But, just like the brat pack, all our HH cohorts needed to succeed was a little honesty about their situations and a solid escape plan.

If Monday night's punishment proceedings had you feeling nostalgic for that iconic 1985 silver screen Saturday, you're not alone. We got to wondering who from the Austin institute mirrored a counterpart from "The Breakfast Club" and outlined our master theory:

  1. Karma is Allison, "the basket case"

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    While Karma might not be in need of a makeover as badly as kooky Allison, the two would relate to each other on a lot of levels. Both girls feel like their parents are ignoring their needs despite their recent erratic behavior -- which would have been a red flag for any parent paying attention.

  2. Lauren is Claire, "the princess"

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    Both Lauren and queen bee Claire are unapologetically feminine perfectionists with icy exteriors who are now learning to accept people's differences.

  3. Amy is Bender, "the criminal"

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    Amy and Bender are each packing paternal problems, and both had to get tough in response. Thankfully, time spent with their respective "princess" friend has done a lot to soften them up.

  4. Liam is Andy, "the athlete"

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    These guys' father figures loom greatly over their lives -- the dads prefer pushing them toward careers they want for their sons rather than letting them explore their personal interests.

  5. Shane is Brian, "the brain"

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    Both Shane and Brian really just want to feel close to people and accepted for who they are. A lot of what they do (whether it's Shane's reckless outings or Brian's sass i.e. "Can you describe the ruckus, sir?") is driven by this desire.

  6. Felix is Carl, "the wise janitor"

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    These two characters exist somewhere between the students and faculty. Because Mr. Turner is also his dad, Felix is the only student at Hester who really understands the principal’s personality and thought process. Carl is the school's custodian, a job that doesn't make him a member of the teaching staff but still surrounds him with students. Having a foot in both worlds gives them perspective but also isolates them.

  7. Principal Turner is Assistant Principal Dick, "the principal"

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    This one's a little obvious, but Hester's commander-in-chief is similar to the Shermer High administrator in more than just the shallow ways. Both are politically driven authority figures who are completely disconnected from youth culture -- you can swap Madonna for Nicki Minaj and passing notes for Snapchat, but these guys still don't get it. Be careful with them though, because as Dick said: "You mess with the bull...you get the horns."

Which "Breakfast Club" or "Faking It" characters do you identify with most, and why? Let us know in the comments section (and throw your fist in the air like Bender) before the next “Faking It”, Monday night at 9:30/8:30c!