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7 Reasons Ariana Grande And Sarah Jessica Parker Are Soul Sisters

Ari says she 'loves' and 'worships' SJP... but they're practically the same person!

On Wednesday night (Sept. 23), Ariana Grande decided to kick off the first day of autumn with a seasonally appropriate movie choice: the Halloween kids' classic "Hocus Pocus."

No offense to the movie's resident cute guy, Max, but the stars of that particular flick are the Sanderson sisters, played by Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy and, of course, Sarah Jessica Parker.

And for Ari in particular, it's SJP who holds a special place in her heart. She was apparently so overwhelmed with adoration for the former "Sex & the City" actress that she took to Twitter to tell the world how she loves and "worships" her.

Honestly, Ariana's role model reveal isn't surprising at all -- in fact, it's practically a given that she's so infatuated with SJP. Because after all, these two share a shocking number of similarities. Let's review seven reasons why these two are practically soul sisters in every way:

  1. They both started their careers in musical theater.
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    In fact, they both played the lead role in “Annie” once upon a time.

  2. They’re both dog lovers.
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    Their pooches are both Insta-famous.

  3. And they LOVE their high heels.
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    They may be petite, but Ari and Sarah Jessica aren’t afraid of the big-girl shoes.

  4. They even opt for the same hairstyle sometimes.
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    And they both pull off that high pony SO flawlessly.

  5. Ari and SJP both have their own fragrances.

    Sarah Jessica's "Lovely" has been a perfume staple for years, while Ariana's recently made her fragrance debut.

  6. They can rock the hell out of a Cosmopolitan cover.
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    WORK. IT.

  7. Basically, they’re just fashion icons in their own right.
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    And both are equally as fab.