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23 Excruciatingly Adorable Things To Look At Before The SATs

Because your game face is a smile.

You've attended the prep courses, taken the practice tests and done everything you're supposed to do to prepare for the SATs. Still, this tiny little acronym has somehow grown into the biggest thing in your life right now, and that can make it really hard to chill.

Being able to relax and give your brain a break is often a overlooked part of SAT preparation. In order to make things a little easier on that end, we've compiled a list of internet gems that are as cute as they are calming. Whether you need to clear your head or stop stressing so you can sleep the night before, these adorable GIFs will help quiet your mind so you're rested and ready for the big day.

  1. Pug in a toilet
  2. Baby polar bear
  3. A corgi getting vacuumed
  4. #currentmood
  5. Sports baby
  6. A hedgehog grocery shopping
  7. Lazy sloth
  8. Big macs
  9. Panda jam
  10. The little pig that could
  11. Pig cat
  12. The lion kings
  13. Go go goat
  14. The best face
  15. The bunny drop
  16. Sk8er boi
  17. Monkey bath
  18. Shopping
  19. Cub rub
  20. Flying turtle
  21. Baby elephant who knows how to party
  22. The puppy bowl
  23. Brunch
  24. Hang in there!