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9 Reasons Why Matt McGorry Is The Booty Popping Feminist Of Your Dreams

Why you need to stop worrying and learn to love the Matt McGorry.

Tonight (September 24), after a torturously "Murder"-free summer, Shonda Rhimes' Thursday addictive night soap "How to Get Away With Murder" will return with a vengeance... and of course, a newly dropped body to dispose of. And while there are a myriad of reasons to tune in -- most famously, Viola Davis' Emmy-award winning turn as Professor Annalise Keating -- we're going to take a sec to focus on one of the series' other standout actors, the fabulous Matt McGorry.

Why is he fabulous, you ask? Below, let us counteth the ways:

  1. Because he spent his summer learning about intersectional feminism.

    Other dudes survived the dog days of summer by joining a dodgeball league (nothing wrong with that!), catching up on missed TV (same!), or even harassing feminists on the Internet (something is definitely wrong with that!). McGorry, however -- inspired by working with so many diverse and outspoken women on both "HTGAWM" and "Orange is the New Black" -- announced this past April that he was excited to begin his journey of discovery when it comes to intersectional feminism. And boy did he commit, tweeting, Facebooking, and Instagramming positive messages about gender equality on an almost daily basis throughout the entire season.

  2. Because he peaced TF out on "Orange is the New Black."

    As much as we loved seeing McGorry romance Daya on "OITNB," boy was it time for that you-know-what-boy to get the hell out of Litchfield by the time he finally departed at the beginning of season three. Because sometimes, the best thing you can do for the woman you love is leave her alone.

  3. Because Gryffindors love him.

    We haven't contacted Tom Felton for confirmation, but we're pretty sure that Slytherin house is not friends with McGorry. McGorry only rolls with Gryffindors, yo.

  4. ... And so do trans activists.

    McGorry's "Orange" costar Laverne Cox is a ridiculously brave and inspirational human being... so all of the props in the world go to her for standing up for the transgender community in Hollywood. But we've gotta give a shout out to McGorry as well, for his devotion to being what Cox described as a "great example of being a great friend and ally." At least 17 trans women have been murdered in 2015 alone due to hatred and intolerance, so having a popular and well-liked celebrity use his platform to share their words -- and this is crucial, that he's elevating their speech -- is invaluable.

  5. Grande jumped aboard the McGorry fandom train hard this summer -- she's tweeted about everything from his "Orange" Emmy's reunion with Dascha Polanco ("my poor heart") to his insane music video with Peking Duk.

  6. Because he's the only one on "How to Get Away With Murder" who has not been complicit in murder.

    Watching McGorry's character, Asher, continue to exist in a state of almost childlike innocence while literally everyone else he knows is murdering people is extremely refreshing. After all, we need someone we can root for without feeling terrible about ourselves.

  7. Because this.
  8. And this.
  9. And again, this.

    ... Dear God, especially this.