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Future Opens Up About Ciara And Russell Wilson

And he's got a lot to say.

Future and Ciara have endured a public dispute over co-parenting this year. Now, the rapper/singer is opening up about the struggle even more.

During a recent interview with XXL, Feutch addressed his stance on Ciara's boyfriend, NFL star Russell Wilson, and the role that he's taking in his son's life.

"I’m cool with him being around him but certain situations, we all in the public eye, you can’t move around with my son a certain kind of way," Future said in the cover story. "I feel like a lot of moves are just made out of just being evil, basically. Because, you know, the success of my album and you still want to make certain moves to take the spotlight off me a little bit and shed light on a negative situation.

"Why would you want to put light on a negative situation?" he continued. "Even if I didn’t care about it, the people have a way of looking at it. Why would you want to give these people an opinion on our kid? Why won’t we just let our child be a child?"

The MC also said he isn't only taking this stance when it comes to the Seattle Seahawks quarterback.

"I want to be able to judge him for myself," he added. "I want to judge the nannies that’s around my child. I don’t want to pay for a nanny that I never met, that I never got a chance to interview. That’s not the life I want for my child. I want to be involved 100 percent in all decisions made. This my flesh and blood.

"If I don’t want him to do something, there’s supposed to [be a] compromise or we supposed to talk about it," he added. "You not supposed to just go behind my back and do it. This is my son, too."

In the past, Future criticized Ciara for bringing Wilson around their son. She responded to these comments by calling it a “double standard.”

This week, Future released What A Time To Be Alive, a collaborative project with Drake.