The 21 Best 'Empire' Songs, Ranked

Will any song ever dethrone "Drip Drop" in our hearts?!

With all of its record-smashing success and worldwide trending topics, it can be easy to forget that "Empire"'s greatest feat is that it's a MUSICAL. Let that sink in: the no. 1 show on TV is a damn musical. What a time to be alive!

In honor of the season 2 premiere (airing tonight, Sept. 23) -- which features even more incredible music -- we're looking back on the best songs from season 1. Can "Drip Drop" even be topped? Check out our list to find out.

  1. "Live in the Moment"

    Jamal and Hakeem's first collaboration on "Empire" was OK. That's kinda the reason it's last on our list. "Just OK" doesn't fly with Lucious.

  2. "Adios"

    We love our girl Tiana, but we just weren't feeling the beat on this one.

  3. "All of the Above"

    We get it, Jamal. You have crazy range. Still, we just weren't feeling it. We need more beats, less falsetto.

  4. "Remember the Music"

    It's a nice tune.

  5. "Bad Girl"

    LOL. Remember when Empire forced Tiana and V to work together? Both women turn out amazing vocal performances, but they don't really gel together. "The Boy Is Mine," this is not.

  6. "Nothing to Lose"

    The only time Jamal finally felt accepted and respected by his father -- and of course, it was through song. Aww.

  7. "Whatever Makes You Happy"

    It's fun! Jennifer Hudson can GET IT.

  8. "Nothing But a Number"

    That "Tom’s Diner" sample is everything.

  9. "Keep It Movin'"

    The words "I'm so dangerous" have never sounded sexier. Not to mention, the hook on this Tiana/Hakeem track is FIRE.

  10. "Money For Nothing"

    OK, maybe we're a little biased, but this hip-hop reworking of the classic Dire Straights song is pretty dope.

  11. "You’re So Beautiful (White Party Version)"

    Just an incredibly powerful performance from Jamal.

  12. "Power of the Empire"

    Pretty much sums up the entire show, no?

  13. "Lola"

    Gah! So CUTE.

  14. "Black & Blue"

    Have you ever heard anything so lovely?

  15. "No Apologies"

    As the show's unofficial theme song, "No Apologies" really is the song that started it all. It's a perfect blend of Jamal's smooth vocals and Hakeem's biting verses.

  16. "Conqueror"

    Estelle's small but memorable cameo in this late-season episode resulted in the show's most beautiful (and inspiring) duet.

  17. "Walk Out On Me"

    Haters, to the left.

  18. "Good Enough"

    An emotional song and a beautiful vocal performance from Jussie Smollett.

  19. "What Is Love"

    Everything about this song sends shivers down our spines.

  20. "You're So Beautiful (Full Cast Edition)"

    It's doesn't get better than the entire Lyon family on the same track! There's only one song that could top it...

  21. "Drip Drop"

    BEST SONG EVER. The beat is just SO GOOD. No apologies. (Get it?)