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Only One Person In The Whole World Has Beaten This 'Super Mario Maker' Level — Its Creator

OMG, nope.

I like to think of myself as a fairly good "Super Mario" player, but seeing the level "P-Break" makes my stomach drop. The crazy-hard level was created by PangaeaPanga for Wii U's new game "Super Mario Maker."

This level is legit bananas. I watched it once, dropped my jaw, then watched it again. According to PangaeaPanga, creating the level itself took about five hours, and then another nine grueling hours to beat it — and he's the one who made it. Game Informer created a GIF from the level, just to give you a taste of the insanity.


Everything has to be timed PERFECTLY -- or else you're screwed. The level itself isn't very long, but that's definitely not the issue here. We know it's not impossible to conquer, but so far, only the creator has beaten "P-Break." It's no wonder he deemed his masterpiece the "Hardest Super Mario Maker Level Ever Made."

PangaeaPanga has created several levels since "Super Mario Maker" dropped, and he was kind enough to list their ID numbers in a Google Doc. So, if you'd like to check out his other creations, now you can.

Based on a recent tweet, however, it sounds like PangaeaPanga doesn't actually think his level is that difficult. (Wut.) He's now inspired to top himself with another arduous level.

Watch the WTF level below, then grab your Wii U and see if YOU can beat it.

H/T Reddit