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Fetty Wap Shows Us How To Dance To ‘My Way’ In His New Video

Fetty shows us some moves.

Fetty Wap has finally delivered his "My Way" video.

The clip -- which premiered on MTV -- comes just as the New Jersey MC's self-titled debut album is set to be released, a project that's spawned several hits including "Trap Queen," "679," "Again," and, of course, "My Way."

Now, there's a Monty-assisted music video to accompany this catchy, chart-climbing cut. Here's how the vid unfolds:

  • Fetty gives the universal "come my way" hand signal.
  • He shows us how to dance like we're whippin' through the city.
  • There's some more steering wheel dance moves.
  • And then he shows us what it's like to do it with an ill ride for real.
  • No, like a really dope car.
  • And he even chefs it up.
  • Here's the full video.

Fetty's debut album is set to be released Friday, Sept. 25.