Pop Quiz: How Well Do You Know 'Finding Carter'?

Test your knowledge with this informative (and hilarious) behind-the-scenes video.

Attention, "Finding Carter" superfans: How well do YOU know the hit MTV show?

With the help of Zac Pullam (aka the all-knowing Grant), we're about to find out: The actor recently strolled through the MTV show's set and gave an oral quiz on all things "FC" to each of his co-stars. We're sure you'd know some most all of the answers, but the young thespians didn't fare quite so well.

"What did Carter's grandparents call Carter and Taylor when they were little?" Zac asks in the clip below.

"Twins," deadpans Ben Winchell, aka the guy behind Carter's recently unearthed brother.

For her part, Vanessa Morgan (Bird) offers a similarly silly guess: "Monkeys."

Fortunately, Carter herself (Kathryn Prescott) comes to the rescue with the correct answer (and no, we're not telling!).

The next question: "Where does Carter first see Crash?"

"A crash site," answers Mason Dye (Damon), who you may remember from "Teen Wolf." Anyone else think this crew has a future in standup comedy?

But the pop quiz turns truly hilarious when things get musical. After Zac asks what rap song Carter and Gabe sang in episode one, Vanessa busts out a slammin' rhyme. "All you sucka MCs, ain't got nothin' on me," she raps in spit-fire fashion. Note to Iggy and Nicki: You've got serious competition.

That's not all: Zac then asks his co-stars who sings the show's theme song. Alex Saxon (aka dreamboat Max) gets it right -- just before Mr. Pullam challenges his co-stars to actually sing it. He has two takers: Ben and Anna Jacoby-Heron (Taylor). Our verdict? Anna gets an A+ for effort; Ben's pretty much ready for "American Idol." Sing it, brother!

Watch the clip below to see all the on-set "Finding Carter" shenanigans, then head to the comments and tell us how many questions you got right. Then be sure to catch "FC" when it returns on Tuesday, October 6 at 10/9c!