Jimmy Fallon's 'Empire' Parody Doesn't Drip-Drop A Beat

Who will inherit Jimmy's comedy throne?

Who will inherit Jimmy Fallon's comedy throne when he's gone? That's the question posed in this spot-on parody of "Empire," which aired on last night's (September 22) "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon."

See, Jimmy (or, uh, Juicy Jim, as he insists upon being called) has been telling jokes since he was 9 years old on the mean streets of Brooklyn. Who will take over the empire -- or, as the parody calls it, the Jimpire. What if, God forbid, Jimmy stubs his toe or burns his mouth on microwave pizza?

Check out the parody above for Questlove, Tariq, Steve Higgins and more giving their best takes on Fallon's jokes, and what happens when Fallon comes face-to-face with the stars of "Empire."