Tom Scott / YouTube

Want Your Own Emoji Keyboard? You're Going To Need A Bigger Desk

There are over 1,000 individual emoji buttons.

Wouldn't it be great if there were emoji buttons on a computer keyboard? Think how much time you'd save, instead of doing the Control+Command+Space (for Mac users) or copying and pasting emojis from a Google search.

YouTuber Tom Scott, the same man who took us behind-the-scenes of Italy's DIY playground Ai Pioppi back in April, revealed to the world on Monday his DIY emoji keyboard — and it's huge.

Yeah, Scott isn't kidding around here.

According to Scott, his creation consists of "14 keyboards all connected to this one laptop" and there are "more than 1,000 individually-placed stickers" that will type a specific emoji character. He also uses "a bit of special software" to make the multiple emoji keyboards work. The "smileys," as Scott puts it, are directly in front of the computer, for quick and easy access.

To make finding the ~perfect~ emoji easier, Scott organizes them by category. He explains how you can get ethnically diverse emojis with his contraption, demonstrating with the Santa emoji, because reasons. First, he punches the Santa emoji button, then selects "the Modifier Fitzpatrick Skin Type 6 button." Suddenly, Santa's skin color changes from white to black.

Scott's invention even includes future emojis that'll come with Apple’s iOS 9.1 software update, available later this year. To quote "Jurassic Park," Scott "spared no expense."

Watch the video below to learn more about this insane mega keyboard.