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Justin Bieber And 1D Fans Are Both Losing Their Chill Over November 13

Can't we all just get along?

It's the date circled on our calendars with a giant red heart and a million little smiley face stickers: November 13.

Why is it such an important day? On November 13, the world will receive not one, but two very special gifts: new albums from both Justin Bieber AND One Direction.

For most pop music fans, November 13 will be an international holiday (start planning to take off school and/or work now). But for some, it's sparked a turf war of sorts, with people taking sides and firing shots -- on Twitter, at least.

Here's what we're saying: Can't we all just get along?

Oh, boy. Or rather, oh boys.

Seriously though, new music from two of pop's most formidable forces on the same day is literally going to be the best thing ever. So let's all just CHILL.

Or, we could all just pledge allegiance to 5SOS and call it a day.