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Bradley Cooper’s 5 Biggest Moments In The 'Limitless' Series Premiere

This show is great without Cooper, but it's so much better with him.

The Tuesday night (September 22) premiere of "Limitless," the CBS series about brain boosting drugs, was full of thrills, chase scenes, and struggling musician Brian Finch (Jake McDorman) being the smartest guy in the room, all thanks to a special little pill. If that premise sounds kind of familiar, it's because it's also the same as the 2011 movie "Limitless" starring Bradley Cooper -- in fact, this new series is a direct sequel of that story.

While Bradley Cooper isn't the protagonist this time around, he's one of the executive producers of the series and will be back here and there as a mentor to Finch, reprising his role as Edward Morra, who's now not only a successful writer but a U.S. senator for New York.

So how often does he appear in the pilot episode? Let us count the ways:

  1. First he appears a senatorial campaign poster in Union Square.
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    As Finch is racing through the streets of New York City being chased by a bunch FBI officers, who think he killed his friend for more of the drug NZT, we catch a glimpse of this awesome poster for Edward Morra's senate campaign (which Entertainment Weekly released earlier this week.) Yeah, I'd vote for that guy.

  2. When he stumbles across Finch bleeding out in a public bathroom.

    At least, we think it's Cooper -- he's kind of a blurry shape of dapper-ness. When Finch finally does come across the guy who killed his friends, he barely escapes with his life and tries to stitch up the wound himself with help over the phone from FBI officer Rebecca Harris (Jennifer Carpenter). It doesn't work out. So good thing the Coop was there!

  3. When our hero finally comes to and surprise! It's Bradley Cooper!
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    Finch wakes up in a nice empty loft while being operated on when Morra appears in his eye line, which is just how you want to wake up after getting shot in the leg trying to maybe steal drugs from a murderer. Actually, it's just how you want to wake up in general. More Bradley, less bullets, please.

  4. When he and Finch have a nice post surgery sit-down.
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    Morra, using his infinite NZT-bestowed wisdom, has been tracking Finch since he first escaped the FBI. Also, he might be running for president, except for the fact that his current congressional gig is just too good to give up. "Do you know how much time we get off in the senate? It's shocking, really," he tells Finch. Knowing Morra, the guy could write three more books and solve world hunger on vacation, so that's probably a good thing.

  5. And, of course, when he offers Brian some more drugs.
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    At the end of the "Limitless" movie, we weren't sure if Morra had finished taking the NZT -- he said he did without losing any of his enhanced abilities, but the movie never tells us for sure. But as he reveals to Finch, he still on the pill and even found a way to combat those side-effects with a privately researched antidote, which is why he's now a hotshot senator. And he offers Finch a choice: he, too, can have the shots and take all the NZT he wants, but he has to work for Morra in secret. Wait... why does it feel like this show's setting up Bradley Cooper to be the bad guy?