Laurel McDonald

This Art Project Makes Bad-Ass Memes Of Famous People Who Are Bisexual

These images make a powerful statement by revealing the truth.

In honor of Bisexual Awareness Week (and Celebrate Bisexuality Day -- which is today, September 23), artist Laurel McDonald created an awesome meme series entitled #OneOfUs that highlights celebrities and famous people throughout history who many people don't realize are or were bisexual.

"I wanted to do something this week highlighting famous people who many people may not know, or have forgotten, are bi," McDonald told MTV News, "And then that Freddie Mercury image started making the rounds as part of the 'Still Does Job' Kim Davis meme, and I was like 'but...he DID like fat bottom girls!'"

Here a few of our faves:

"Bi-erasure is an all too common thing," McDonald told MTV news, "and saying that someone is gay/lesbian or straight based on who they're currently with, or have been with in the past, is ridiculous!"

"So I got the idea to black bar recognizable celebrities, like in celebrity fodder what-not-to-wear stories, where you can still clearly tell who it is," McDonald explained. "Just because you try to hide someone's identity, doesn't mean it goes away."

"This project has been a great little bi history lesson," McDonald told MTV News. "I've done quite a bit of research, because I want to verify that I'm not mis-identifying people, and I've found quite a few people that I never knew were bisexual. Although it has been a little difficult, because the B word isn't often used."

"I've also found that it's a lot harder finding self-identified bi males and people of color," McDonald said, "but since I posted it, people have been sending me suggestions of more people to add."

"I've even had some people asking where they can get the black bar for their own profile!" McDonald said. "I'm glad people have been so receptive."

For more, head over to Laurel McDonald's Tumblr.