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Here’s What You Learn When 50 Cent And Lil Wayne Are Schooling You

Let Kidd Kidd explain.

Lil Wayne and 50 Cent are two of rap's most prominent voices. Both MCs have created successful careers and record label empires. Fif did this with G-Unit while Weezy accomplished it with Young Money. Could you imagine having ties to both camps?

Kidd Kidd can say he's learned from both. He was discovered by Weezy and then became a member of Fif's G-Unit. Recently, DJ Smallz asked the New Orleans rapper to break down what he acquired from his time with Fif.

“Be about business,” Kidd Kidd said. “And just know that everybody’s not your friend. For real. Be about business and make the money. Get the money. That’s one thing I really learned. Be about your business, man, and get the money because rap is a hustle so we hustling right now. We hustling to feed our families.”

While he learned about the business from 50, he learned about work ethic from Weezy.

"Work,” he said when asked about what he gained from his time under Lil Wayne. “You don’t gotta be the best. Just outwork ‘em. For real. That’s what I learned from Wayne. You don’t gotta be better than that person, but if you can out work that motherf—ker? You gonna beat ‘em."

Kidd Kidd perhaps used those lessons with the release of his latest project, F-k Da Fame, which you can hear below.