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John Stamos Wants Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen To Cut-It-Out Already

Ugh. Stamos just broke our hearts with news.

As excited as we are for "Fuller House" (read: very, very excited), we can't help but feel a little disappointed that neither Mary-Kate nor Ashley Olsen will be reprising their star-making turn in the Netflix revival -- for now, at least.

John Stamos hears your cries, "Full House" devotees -- and he just wants you to know it's not his fault the famous twins passed on the reunion opportunity.

"Everybody knew about it; everybody was asked," Stamos said in an interview with Details. "I made sure it became a favored-nations thing, so we all make the same amount. Obviously, the twins have a different thing. We're doing 13 episodes, so if they want to change their minds, we'd love to have them... but we only need one!"

Regardless of whatever drama went down in the negotiation room, it's nice to hear that the offer is still on the table. Now we just need to get MK+A onboard and this revival will be ready to rock 'n' roll like Jesse & the Rippers.

But if there's anyone who can understand the twins' decision, it's Stamos. After all, the actor spent years wanting off the beloved family sitcom.

"I was wrong, but I always thought if I were doing a sitcom, that it should be something smarter, more like 'Seinfeld.' I'm happy to lean into it now," Stamos said. "There used to be such a stigma against going backward. But who f--king cares? It's not hurting my career... Nobody can put themselves up on a pedestal anymore."

Are you listening, Mary-Kate and Ashley?