Trans Teens Explain How Fashion Has 'Made All The Difference' For Them

As we saw during New York Fashion Week, the fashion industry is embracing a more inclusive view of gender. That shows in casting, spotlighting, and celebrating models and culture influencers like Andreja Pejic and Gigi Gorgeous, but also in unisex designs like those of Nicola Formichetti's Nicopanda line. Mashable followed a group of trans teens to the Spring/Summer 2016 Nicopanda show and asked them to explain what fashion means to them.

"Fashion, growing up, just generally seemed to be only a sort of superficial thing to me," said Katherine Chambers, a 19-year-old trans woman. "At this point in my transition, fashion is no longer a superficial box to me. It's a way for me to identify who I am, as I want, and how I'm feeling each and every day."

As fashion continues to diversify, it's not only becoming a more inclusive space, but encouraging everyone to embrace their own identities and freely dress in what makes them feel comfortable.

"When I first came out as trans, I was a more femme-trans boy. I felt pressured in a lot of ways growing up to dress in a more feminine way and to present in that way," said Morgan Sullivan. "And once I finally got into my own sense of style and wear things that are more appropriate to how I identify, it's made all the difference for me."

While we already knew the importance of fashion that bucks strict gender norms, this video adds real perspectives on how it affects our own identities.