How To Pass The Time Until Ariana Grande's Song Comes Out

Follow these simple steps.

Ariana Grande's "Focus" comes out Oct. 30 (I know, forEVER from now), and I have some ideas for all of you Arianators out there trying not to go insane while waiting out the days.

Follow these easy steps, and you'll be just fine.

  1. Try your best whistle tone.
  2. Watch her music videos upside down.
  3. Sew her name to your shirt.
  4. See if she'll tweet back.
  5. Eat mac n cheese.
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    Why would you even ask that?

  6. Choreograph a dance to 'Break Free.'
  7. Make up the lyrics to 'Focus.'
  8. Do your homework.
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  9. Realize you haven't been in high school for years.
  10. Listen to My Everything again.
  11. Try a half pony.
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  12. Visit her fave store Chanel.
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  13. Practice your best 'Scream Queens' scream.
  14. Sleep.
  15. Sleep more.
  16. Keep sleeping.
  17. Wake up on Oct. 30.
  18. You did it!