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Barack And Michelle Obama Might Guest Star On This Family-Favorite Sitcom

The POTUS and First Lady reportedly 'love' this show.

"Black-ish" star Anthony Anderson was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series at the 2015 Emmys, and although the prize went to "Transparent" star Jeffrey Tambor, Anderson revealed he might be about to accomplish another major feat: getting the President of the United States on his show.

Speaking to E! Online at the ceremony on Sunday (Sept. 20) Anderson revealed that he's been in communication with Barack and Michelle Obama about a potential guest spot on the show, and the interest is REAL on both sides.

"We're petitioning to get Pres. Obama on the show," Anderson explained. "They watch the show. They love it. We know them, so we've been dealing with them and hopefully they'll say yes."

Ummmmm, WHAT.

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Anderson first discovered that the POTUS and First Lady were gaga for his hit comedy series at the beginning of the year, when he reportedly met them at the White House and "the first thing out of their mouths was, 'We love Black-ish.'"

Then, in April, Anderson and his on-screen wife, Tracee Ellis Ross, attended the White House Correspondents' Dinner, where President Obama gave a shout-out to the program during his speech, joking, "It's a great show. But I have to give ABC fair warning. Being 'Black-ish' only makes you popular so long, trust me. There's a shelf life to that thing."

Now, Anderson says he and the showrunners are "talking to POTUS about being on our show."


It wouldn't be the first time someone from the administration has made a small screen appearance -- see also: Joe Biden on "Parks and Recreation" -- but it sure would be a memorable TV moment for a sitting Prez to sitcom it up.

Consider our fingers crossed for this one to work out.