Paris Jackson/ Instagram

Has Paris Jackson Risen To Selfie Queen Status On Instagram?

Here 10 selfies that may give Kim Kardashian a run for her money.

By Ava Myint

Take a peek at your Instagram feed and you’ll find that selfie-taking has become an art form. There are countless choices to consider before hitting that button. How’s the lighting? Which angle works best? Is now the time to bust out the selfie stick?

For those of us befuddled by all these crucial decisions, it may be best to seek guidance from the masters of Instagram. And we can all take notes from Paris Jackson.

Daughter of the late pop icon Michael Jackson, she posts frequent selfies in between red carpet appearances and dates with her soccer player boyfriend Chester Castellaw to remind us that she’s just a regular 17 year old. A regular 17 year old who just so happens to be winning the selfie game.

Here are 10 lessons we can learn from her:

  1. The right pair of shades can make you look effortlessly cool.
  2. But if your eye makeup is on point, make sure you show that off.
  3. It can be fun to revisit your angsty teen years by snapping a bedroom photo (complete with a punk haircut, black nail polish, and the moodiest face you can muster).
  4. Valencia and mayfair are so over, but mosaics are IN.
  5. Don’t let affectionate boyfriends stand between you and the perfect photo op.
  6. Group selfies are way more impressive when everyone’s matching.
  7. High angles always win.
  8. But don’t be afraid to really get down low either.
  9. Take advantage of cool mirror shapes
  10. 'I woke up like this' can sometimes mean I haven’t woken up yet.

Now go on! Use your newfound wisdom to nail that next selfie!