Can Amy Trust That Her Dad Isn't Just 'Faking It'?

The teen's father says he'll finally be there for her.

Amy's dad vowed to be a better father figure on tonight's "Faking It," but can she trust that he'll truly keep his promise?

Daddy drama had unfolded last week when Amy and her step-sister Lauren pulled a "Veronica Mars" and staked out a local motel. There, Amy discovered her mom Farrah rendezvousing with her long-absent father. The problem, of course: Farrah had just married Lauren's dad Bruce. WTF, Mrs. Cooper?!

After the full-parental exposure, Amy found herself trapped in weekend detention with fellow new delinquents Lauren, Karma, Shane, Liam, and Felix -- who each ended up there for a different infraction. Amy took their shared punishment as an opportunity to update BFF Karma on the mama-drama, explaining that Farrah assured her the fling was officially over. If true, that meant the Cooper family might have a chance to stay status quo. Too bad her conservative new sis was already making other plans.

"If you must know, I've decided that I am telling Daddy. He's the innocent victim here," Lauren declared. In response, Amy tried opening up about how much she was enjoying their new sibling lifestyle, but that didn't stop the pint-sized class president from revealing the details of the affair to the whole crew.

For her part, Karma feared her best friend's bio-dad would blow out of town and leave Amy behind again -- something that we learned the unreliable journalist has done many times before. So to prove no good could come from fresh father/daughter time, K pointed out that her bestie's old man had already become a bad influence: Amy had earned her uber-detention by skipping school to spend time with him. Not exactly great parenting!

By the time her much-discussed father picked Amy up from the day's punishment, she'd decided that if she was ever going to believe in him again, he would need to make a tangible effort to be there for her. "If you're gonna be my dad, then you have to be my dad... and not just in between assignments," she said.

Surprisingly enough, he understood, stepping up to the plate and canceling his next big gig abroad in order to spend more time with her.

But we have to ask: Should 86'ing his trip be enough for Amy to trust him again -- especially considering he recently put her new family in jeopardy? Give us your thoughts in the comments section, and be sure to see what happens next on "Faking It," every Monday at 9:30/8:30c.