The Definitive Ranking Of All 38 Of Billy Elliot's Dance Moves

Billy is a better dancer than you.

Fifteen years ago today (September 22), "Billy Elliot" — starring a young, adorable Jamie Bell — was released. The coming-of-age film tells the story of Billy, an 11-year-old British boy living in a struggling coal mining community in 1984 northeastern England. And, guys? This film is a heartbreaking, joy-giving masterpiece. (Nope, those two adjectives are not mutually exclusive.)

Plot-wise, "Billy Elliot" has a lot going on — just like its eponymous protagonist. Billy's mother has died. Both his father and brother are on strike from their coal mining jobs and the family barely has enough to survive on. And Billy doesn't seem destined to ever leave his small, seaside town.

Then, Billy stumbles into the local dance class and finds not only a talent, but a way to work through and forget about his frustrations. The story chronicles Billy's efforts to become a dancer in the small, conservative community that thinks boys should be boxing, as well as the struggles of his family to find some measure of happiness.

It is a film about class struggle, masculinity, family, and the ways in which loving something or someone can save you. And, in tribute to the cinematic classic that would launch its own Tony-winning musical, we're ranking all of Billy's best dance moves from the film.

  1. The Barre Faux Pas

    Wearing boxing shoes to a dance class? Awkward.

  2. The I Don't Know What Is Going On

    We've all been there, friend.

  3. The Toast Catch

    If Billy's dancing career doesn't work out, he has a bright future in toast-catching ahead of him.

  4. The Caught in the Act

    Um, hey.

  5. The Tapping Up That Hill

    Walking up a hill is hard enough.

  6. The Football Dance

    Dancing or soccer? You don't have to choose.

  7. The Headbutt

    Silly Billy.

  8. The Hanging With The Herd

    Sometimes, it's best to stick with the crowd.

  10. The Dancing is Fun

    Hey, Mrs. Weasley.

  11. The Stairs

    FYI: You've been going up stairs wrong.

  12. The Find A Friend

    These two make a good team.

  13. The Hand Shake

    Also to be utilized when pins and needles attack.

  14. The Head of The Class

    Sorry, tutu-ed minions. Billy is the best.

  15. The Jumping For Joy


  16. The Punching Bag Duet

    Sometimes, you have to make do with whatever dance partner you can find.

  17. The Really Angry

    Happiness and joy aren't the only emotions one can express through dance. As Billy demonstrates repeatedly throughout this movie.

  18. The Wall Slide

    Ouch. This makes our hands hurt just watching it.

  19. The Bathroom Pirouette

    One of the best parts of "Billy Elliot" is how Billy's talent is innate, but his ballet skills are something he still has to work at.

  20. The Fatigued Twirl

    Kid loves to twirl.

  21. The Foot Fire Of Excitement

    For when you are really excited.

  22. The Putting It All on The Line

    Dad, I want to be a ballet dancer.

  23. The Routine

    These two, tho.

  25. The Leap

    Sometimes, you just gotta go for it.

  26. The Quiet Moment

    Ballet isn't all leaping and soccer balls, you know.

  27. The Dance Attack

    To be used only in the most dire of situations.

  28. The Twirl Attack

    When in doubt, just start twirling at the judges. (Not to be confused with "The Dance Attack" or the "The Fatigued Twirl.")

  29. The Flip

    No big deal.

  30. The Tap Dance Cane

    Billy, as inspired by Fred Astaire.

  31. The Fence Roll

    How can you get mad at a kid who rolls off the fence after pushing you?

  32. The Outdoor Bathroom

    Points for creativity.

  33. The Microphone Pirouette

    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the pre-iPod era. It was a dark time.

  34. The Airplane

    Suitable for all ages.

  35. The Mrs. Weasley

    Ron's mom has some serious moves.

  36. The Don't Try This At Home

    Guys, Jamie Bell makes this look easy, but you try spinning around while simultaneously running down a hill... On second thought, maybe don't?

  37. The Wallpaper Jump


  38. The Best Friends Forever

    Who needs friendship bracelets when you have a dance routine?

  39. The Belly Dance

    Best for fall weather.

  40. The Be Brave

    This is the moment when Billy shows his father just how much he loves to dance. And perhaps the single most inspiring moment in this entire film. Go watch it, people.