The Cast Of 'Minority Report' Tells Us Whether They Can Predict The Future

They have a vision of the show's success.

We're having a vision...of you watching "Minority Report" on TV tonight and really, really liking it.

At San Diego Comic-Con, MTV News sat down with Stark Sands, Laura Regan, Meagan Good and Wilmer Valderrama, who star in the new TV adaptation of the 2002 Tom Cruise movie, to find out whether viewers need to be well-versed in the movie to understand the new show, and also to find out whether they themselves are able to predict the future (of course).

Laura Regan, who plays self-proclaimed mama bird Agatha, said newcomers will be A-OK. "You don't need to have seen it at all," she said. "It's set 10 years after the film. So if you're a fan of the film, that enriches your experience of watching the series but it's a world unto itself, the world of our series."

Stark Sands, who plays pre-cog (fancy for "can see the future") Dash, agreed.

"It references the movie, but it's not required," he said.

In fact, the character of Dash is a holdover from the original film. Sands said that if his character was an emoji, it would be the baby chick.

"He's a baby chick meaning he doesn't know how to interact with people because he's been in isolation his whole life," Sands said. A twin, Dash keeps getting flashes of murders, crimes that he's getting a sneak peek of but is having a hard time stopping. "With the help of this detective, Lara Vega [played by Good] we try to stop these murders like the good old days."

Sands is a twin in real life as well, and said that he had the infamous twin connectivity. More than once, when his twin was injured, he felt hurt too -- even when he didn't know yet that the other was hurt. Spooky!

Good said that she also had visions of the future. Namely, having to do with the show, which premieres tonight.

"This show's gonna do really good," she said.

"I see like 25 million butts on couches," Regan added, laughing.