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How To Deal With Post-1989 Tour Depression

Relive your Taylor Swift concert over and over.

Don't cry because your concert is over. Smile because it happened!

If you attended the parTAY of the year, known as Taylor Swift's 1989 World Tour, you're probably experiencing -- or trying to remedy -- an extreme case of PCD (post concert depression).

While the tour is still in full swing -- and not finishing up until December -- many of us have already experienced the incredible show and our lives will never be the same.

From the moments leading up to Taylor's set -- Shawn Mendes swooning us with "Stitches," Vance Joy strumming to "Riptide," the Haim sisters getting us to groove, and the goosebumps that appeared the moment Calvin Harris' "Feel So Close" began to play on the speakers -- to the highly anticipated appearance of T herself, gracing the stage during "Welcome To New York" in her sparkly jacket -- every aspect was magical.

I loved it so much that I looked into buying tickets for other show dates in various cities just so I could relive the epic-ness again. Unfortunately, school, work, and low funds are factors that have held me, and many others, back from going for round two.

If your show has passed, and another tour date is not in the cards, you probably spend most of your time thinking about how it could be and how you wish it was.

Here are some ways you can deal with your post-1989 World Tour-concert depression:

  1. Revive your LED bracelet.

    Your twinkling 1989 World Tour bracelet most likely died the day after the show but you can bring it back to life by following this video tutorial and replacing the batteries!

  2. Scrapbook your photos or design a cool collage.

    Print out your tagged photos, grab your ticket stubs, and find some glitter glue!

  3. Listen to, or make, a playlist.

    Create the setlist or reminisce on the awesome surprise guest performances.

  4. Plan Tay-themed Halloween costumes.

    Another opportunity to wear the fab outfit you created for the tour.

  5. Prep your #TBT and latergram posts.

    Throwback to THE BEST NIGHT EVER, amirite?!

  6. Listen to the "Clean" speech.

    "You are not the opinion of somebody who doesn't know you."

  7. Re-watch live videos.

    The feels, though.

  8. Plan a road trip to the Taylor Swift corn maze.

    Fill the void by doing something seasonal and Swift-ish.

  9. Start saving up for the next Taylor Swift tour. The best remedy for PCD: planning your next concert.