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This Taylor Swift Cover Isn't By Ryan Adams, But It's Just As Good

If only Lena and Tay were there for How To Dress Well's 'You Are In Love.'

Saturday marked Jack Antonoff's first ever Shadow Of The City festival in Asbury Park, New Jersey, featuring rad acts like his band Bleachers, Charli XCX, Misterwives and The Front Bottoms (just to name a few). And, while Ryan Adams was prepping to release a full 1989 cover album, How To Dress Well treated Jack, and any Swifties in attendance, to a dreamy cover of Taylor Swift's 1989 bonus track, "You Are In Love."

The cover was super appropriate since Jack worked with Taylor on her crazy-phenomenal piece of art that is the 1989 album and that track in particular was inspired by his relationship with Lena Dunham.

"I was just really emotional writing this song because I'm so happy for you guys and you guys are like the benchmark of actual, true real love, like it talks about in that song," Taylor dished to Jack in an interview about "You Are In Love" for MTV News last year. "I didn't tell Lena or you about the fact that that was what I was channeling when I was writing it but I figured when Lena deemed it her wedding song that she knew I was talking about you two."