You Can Totally Use Andy Samberg's HBO Now Login -- Right NOW

Thanks, Andy Samberg!

Are you tired of using your ex's mom's HBO Now login info to watch that episode of "Sex and the City" for the zillionth time? Well, thanks to Andy Samberg, you don'y have to!

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Yeah, thank THIS GUY!

The Emmys host gave out "his" personal HBO Now login email and password during the Sunday night telecast. And it actually works! (Who knows for how long, but that's besides the point.) We tried it, and we're currently watching Emmy darling "Olive Kitteridge" during the commercial breaks. JK. We're not really.

Anyway, enjoy it while it lasts!


Password: password1

What are you waiting for?! Go binge "Game of Thrones" before someone spoils [REDACTED]'s death for you!