Maisie Williams Is Giving You A Spectacularly Stark Look At The Emmys

Arya at the Emmys? No problem, because Arya is!

You're not at the Emmys, are you? That's okay. Maisie Williams is there, and she is there absolutely killing it for all of us.

The erstwhile Arya Stark of "Game of Thrones" fame tore up the red carpet at the 2015 Emmy Awards, and she's pulling the curtain back even further now that she's inside the theater. Just check out all her social media activity for yourself, posted below. If you thought that Theon Greyjoy, Samwell Tarly and Varys were already the most powerful BFF trio on the planet, just wait until Arya gets in on the action.

  1. Arya WHO?
  2. Stark shoes.
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  3. Look! Maisie found Ellen!
  4. Just kidding, it's Cersei.
  5. Arya + Theon, Ballers At Law
  6. Two Starks, getting a little weird.
  7. Give 'em Seven Hells, Maisie.