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OMG, This Is What Ariana Grande's Real Hair Looks Like

While we've gotten used to seeing Ariana Grande without her trademark ponytail—remember bunty?—she just unveiled a new look on Instagram that we were not expecting.

Curls! Ariana has been known to throw a subtle wave in her long hair every now and again, but it's straight up curly now, and OMG, it looks SO. GOOD. Between the side swoop, the two braids, and all that volume, this look is totally new for Ariana and, um, totally working.

Ariana is also very excited about her new look, sharing not only multiple photos of it, but a video. In her caption, she writes, "took us a while to get these babies back but they're here ????? feel like my old self again!! thank you @dalinaway for taking such good care of my hair every day ???."

Oh, hold up—this is your natural texture, Ariana? Does that mean we'll be seeing more of it soon now that it has returned to full health?? Please say yes—we can't wait!