Coolio Was On The Receiving End Of A Major #SelfieFail – See The Pic

More like Cooli-UH OH.

On any given day, celebrities have to endure an onslaught of selfie requests – it's just part of the gig, at this point. Some are happy to stop and pose with fans – others, notsomuch.

Coolio was firmly in that first camp, until recently. At least, we're just going to go ahead and assume as much, because he found himself on the receiving end of a truly epic #SelfieFail. Let's just say this beer-toting fan got a little...overzealous...when posing with the rapper.

This image is a gift that keeps on giving. Upon first glance, the cringe-worthy party foul. Then, you look harder and realize it's even funnier because it was captured at the precise moment Coolio realized what was happening, while the fan was still grinning away in utterly ignorant bliss. Then you look at Coolio's shirt and realize the fan is literally pouring one out for Biggie. After which you wonder if those folks in the background are grinning with malicious or clueless glee. We...we just...can't look away.