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Watch Kanye React To This Fan's Awkward 'Sign Me, Man’ Freestyle


If you're an aspiring rapper who wants to be signed to Kanye West's label, you have to spit your illest rhyme when you see him.

One such hopeful recently tried to do just that when she encountered Yeezy -- and it was caught on Instagram for us to witness. We only get to see about 15 seconds of the sidewalk meeting, but it apparently went on for two whole minutes. And guess what? Yeezy (supposedly) accepted her CD.

Here's how it all played out:

  • "Sign me, man!"
    @joshua_is_trendy / Instagram

    The first thing we see in this short clip is the simple and awesome request. “Sign me, man," she said as Kanye walked by. "Take my CD, man. Sign me, man."

  • Yeezus can't make promises.
    @joshua_is_trendy / Instagram

    “But, I can’t promise I can sign you,” Yeezy told her. The aspiring MC understood. “You can’t promise that," she said. "But you can promise that you’ll listen to this.”

  • And then, there's "the look."
    @joshua_is_trendy / Instagram

    Perhaps he was thinking what he ended up putting on his IG caption: "What #kanyewest has to deal with often. ??????"

  • But before it was all over, the aspiring MC started rapping.
    @joshua_is_trendy / Instagram

    You'll have to watch the clip below to hear her rhymes.

  • Here's the freestyle.

    According to the young man who posted this, the MC rapped for two whole minutes before Yeezy took her CD and split.

The short clip made its way onto the web and, well, people weren't too kind about it. In fact, they emoji-laughed about the whole thing.

But Kanye's been known to let aspiring artists spit for him. And hey, he might even let them start out as assistants.