Justina Mintz/AMC

'Fear The Walking Dead': Why The Military Is Going To Make Things 'Dire'

It's the beginning of the end.

At the end of last Sunday's (September 13) "Fear the Walking Dead," Ofelia Salazar (Mercedes Mason), Madison Clark (Kim Dickens), Travis Manawa (Cliff Curtis) and the rest of the squad all seemed to feel a great sense of relief when the military arrived to "save" the day. But if we know anything about the zombie-ridden universe in which the world takes place -- and we do, having watched it for five years -- it's to never, ever trust a large group of human beings with even larger guns.

"We don't know if they're going to separate us," Mason revealed to MTV News when she stopped by our studio for a chat. "Initially, in society, you're taught that the police, the military -- they're there to help, and to garner some sort of security. But we start finding out something quite different."

The military's nefarious plans will (mostly) be revealed next Sunday, on "Not Fade Away," but what Mason could tell us in advance is that the Manawa-Clark-Salazar family will be quarantined in their neighborhood, unable to escape to the desert as they'd initially planned.

"The military are marking certain homes that are clean, or un-infected," she continued. "There's three families crammed into that home, so I think tensions are going to run really high... something causes all of to realize how dire the situation we're actually in."

"You know exactly what to expect from the infected," she continued, essentially confirmed that the "FtWD" name for "walker" is "infected." "Humans are an intelligent animal, an intelligent creature. You never know what people want from you. I think all of us are going to really start recognizing that."