'Finding Carter' Teaser: Lori Just Scored A Get Out Of Jail Free Card

Can't someone just lock her up and throw away the key?

Warn the town -- the beast is loose. Again.

When we last saw abductor/master manipulator/psycho Lori on the mid-season finale of "Finding Carter," she was finally on trial for felony kidnapping. But in truly devious fashion, she'd managed to pull a couple of last-minute tricks from up her sleeve: The woman of a thousand disguises (most of them baseball caps) was trying to claim sole custody of Carter. Oh, and her lawyer offered a surprise witness during the trial: Ben Wallace, who introduced himself as the son of Lori and David (d'oh!).

The episode ended just after Ben's OMFG revelation, leaving us in the dark as to whether the judge rightfully finally sent Lori up the river -- until now. In the brand-new teaser below, Carter's biological mother emerges from the courtroom as a female reporter describes what she calls a "stunning turn of events."

"The defendant, Lori Stevens, has been found not guilty on federal kidnapping charges," the journalist announces. "[She] has been released after time served."

Yup, you heard right. Kidnapping Carter as a child? No biggie. Drugging the teen and abducting her again -- at gunpoint? Pffft. Lori's a free woman and, in all her delusional glory, she made a beeline to the clamoring reporters to express her pleasure with the verdict.

"I'm just grateful to have my freedom and to know that my son is alive and well," she says in the clip, before adding that there's something else for which she's thankful: the fact that "the judge saw it fit to award me custody."

All together now: SAY WHAT??

Did Lori really get custody of Carter? And what other drama unfolded in the courthouse hallway? Watch the entire clip to find out -- then get ready for much more action when "FC" returns on Tuesday (tomorrow!) at 10/9c!