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This Guy Spent $1,500 To Make A Sandwich That Was 'Not Bad'

Was it worth it? You decide.

Most of us would assume a $1,500 meal would have to be served in a fancy restaurant, but Andy George had a taste for something more hands-on. That's exactly why he started the YouTube channel How To Make Everything, where every week he's traveling the world "to bypass the modern supply chain in oder to harvest raw materials straight from the source." In other words, he's making everything from scratch.


So far he's tackled making a suit, tools and most recently, a sandwich that probably costs more than anything you've ever eaten.

Over the span of six months, George harvested his own wheat, smuggled suspicious-looking sea salt through airport security and even committed chicken murder (his words). Unfortunately, judging from the taste-test video, six months and $1,500 will only get you a sandwich that's only "not bad." More specific reviews described it as tasting like a cork board covered in lemon juice.

Don't be too hard on yourself, George. We still respect your efforts and are looking forward to the next episode.

H/T Hello Giggles